knitted graffiti

by kath_red on 16/02/2006

in knitting+crochet+yarn

knitta started in August 2005 as a duo of Texan mums, with the tag names “AKrylik” and “PolyCotN”, since then they have grown to ten and are tagging the town with knitted cozies. “These gangsta mamas have big plans: cozies for car bumpers, hats for fire hydrants, carpets for sidewalks and, if only they can get enough people, curtains for bridges and covers for water towers.” (from houston press)

“We’re taking graffiti and making it warm, fuzzy and more acceptable,” says AKrylik. “I like the duality there. Also, I really think there can be a lot more to the new, alternative knitting craze than meeting at the local coffee shop every Sunday afternoon to make scarves together — not that I don’t like to do that, too.”


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