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by kath_red on 28/02/2006

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katy hackney

katy hackney katy hackney
oxidised silver & cellulose acetate

Katy’s work evokes words such as ‘sensuous seduction’ and ‘tactile enticement’, her jewellery has been called ‘extra-terrestrial cartoon abstractions’ and ‘retro, pop and future graphics’, it has been suggested that her work be ‘adopted as contemporary talismans’. (from CAA)

“Katy Hackney combines gold and silver, cellulose acetate and wood with such dexterity that it makes pieces that seduce the wearer with their charming quirkiness”. (from CAA london)

katy hackney katy hackney
vintage formica, plywood, silver, enamel

velvet davinci

at alternatives
lesley craze gallery

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