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by craftapalooza on 28/02/2006

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Third Drawer Down Tea TowelAustralian business “Third Drawer Down” create art with domestic products as their chosen vehicle.

Their mission statement:
“By placing art into the most domestic of circumstances, Third Drawer Down® products promote an ongoing dialogue between art and everyday life, whilst promoting the work of International Artists and Designers.

Third Drawer Down® reproduces artwork by contemporary Australian and International Artists as Limited Edition screen prints onto 100% finest quality materials. This ongoing project explores the multiplicity of domestic items, and the long history of Linen as a cherished gift and souvenir. Their ubiquitous nature in our domestic lives and personal histories provide a rich ground for a Napery renaissance, where contemporary artists and designers can re-establish and explore the full potential that this humble linen canvas has to offer.

Third Drawer Down® is not a product of art inherent or reliant upon a specific territory, patronage or souvenir jurisdiction. These visual dialogues are created by Artists and Designers who believe in a global Third Drawer Down® that is not categorised by colour, creed or domestic ritual.

Lapkin!We want to engage in a positive and innovative way with the wider community to promote and discuss art and it’s place in everyday life. Third Drawer Down® provides the consumer with all the necessary activities and functions that educated Napery can contribute to it’s new household. (Have a look at the things to do list).

All Third Drawer Down® products are packaged in sustainable pouches, colour coded, and with the artist’s provenance and details of the Third Drawer Down® project on the back.”

Personally, I’m a sucker for intelligent, fun design and TDD doesn’t disappoint. I first came across their tea towels. Their products are innovative and inspiring. With names like lapkin, bubkin, artpron and artkerchief who wouldn’t be curious. Unfortunately I can’t link to individual pages so you’ll just need to head on over and check out the site.

They also promote a product called “Magnart“, a system that allows the hanging of artwork without nails or wire! Great idea.

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1 Shell March 1, 2006 at 7:24 am

I have bought a tea towel from here and it is an awesome work of art. I love it so much. The quality of the print, the fun design and the sheer coolness of it all just tickles me pink. And all the work is really cheap as well – anyone can own limited edition artwork now!


2 abigail March 7, 2006 at 6:56 pm

Hi Shell,

It is so fantastic you are into the Third Drawer Down – (I love it too) – it comes from a place full of goodness – and when i hear folk supporting it so, it makes the project complete.


Director and Teatoweltologist


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