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by thimble on 01/03/2006

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respect copyright Just to follow up on an issue that had been raised in the comments of an earlier post, copyright is a very difficult and confusing issue for crafters and artists, and I don’t pretend to understand it completely myself. But it is important that the copyright of crafters’ work is respected, because they make a living through the sale of their creative ideas and products. This has implications for the reproduction of patterns, the use of fabrics, using ‘found’ images in collages, and particularly the use of any of these in items that are intended for sale. I have put together some useful links that have a lot of information on the different aspects of these issues. Remember also that copyright laws vary from country to country, so be sure you are familiar with the copyright rules where you live.

Copyright for Collage artists

FAQ about copyright for artists

A really good guide to copyright for crafters and knitters from the girl from auntie. Includes information regarding Canadian copyright laws.

Susie ghahremani has been talking about a US senate amendment that would remove copyright for orphaned or unattributed works, which is being opposed by artists and graphic designers

Copyright Law and the Stitcher from Needlepoint now

Information sheets from the Australian Copyright Council (both via inaminuteago)

Copyright and Patterns

Copyright for Quilters and Crafters

Using Copyrighted Fabrics and a discussion at Dioramarama

Some works are now published under a creative commons licence. Learn about that here.

The image above is from a campaign by the International Publishers Association.

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