human hair as yarn

by kath_red on 01/03/2006

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‘Hair raising’ - an exhibition at ICA Jan Jose, is on until march 11. This exhibition features art made of human hair. (via 30gms)

During the past decade, there has been a growing fascination among contemporary artists with all manner of bodily experiences. Increasingly, the body has been used not only as the subject in artwork, but as the medium as well. Menstrual blood, nail clippings and skin have all been used to create works that examine the human body in every possible way. And hair is no exception.

Some other art from human hair:
cloth made from human hair – Memorial Art at Auschwitz
Installation, hand-made shoes of human hair
cotton and human hair weaving
handmade paper from human hair

image is by Lucrecia Troncoso from the exhition ‘hair raising’, Rinse and repeat, 2005, Hair, thread, wire and paint

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