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by mav on 03/03/2006

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hello there. mav {maria} here.
i only post on Whip-up about once each month so i thought i’d again introduce myself. i have a little blog and for my day job i work as a graphic designer & letterpress printer. i’ll be posting once each month about paper arts and any other bits of inspiration around those topics. i’m very glad to be a part of this exciting blog!

like all of us who create i love to be inspired. that moment where you see something that makes you heart beat fast … well … who could ask for more!? i have moments like this often enough but certainly more often when i am looking at printed pieces — photographs, magazines, cards, letters and any other bits that i can hold in my hands. if you knit maybe you find inspiration in patters, wool … if you make softies, maybe it’s japanese crafting magazines! i love to find ways to then capture these inspirational moments and scatter them into my every day life so i can again & again feel that beating of the heart.

so i wanted to mention a few ways to bring inspiration into your daily life by using my humble ideas as a jumping off point.

first, if you are like me and are inspired by magazines, then why not tear out bits & pieces from your favorite monthly magazines and make an inspiration wire for your studio, workshop, bedroom, closet door … mine looks like this and is a combination of things like magazine pages, photographs, cards, pieces of artwork, etc:

wire with photos and more

and what about good old fashioned cork? finding an old cork board or buying cork on a roll is easy. get it up … maybe paint it a lovely shade of your favorite color and start pinning away. the fun thing about cork is it’s easy to change your inspirations in and out. here is a little snip it of mine:


and how about if you have a photograph you took but don’t have time or money to buy a frame. or maybe you just don’t like the clutter of a frame … well just pin it up! find a special little spot on your wall and put together a combination of things that inspire you. maybe you can build it around one of your pieces that is already framed … or like i have here, you can pin it up around little bits of items that are pined up as well.

pin up wall

oh and i also saw this example online … just a small corner to create a desk and inpsiration area. it reminds me that even if you don’t have a ton of space you still might be able to find a corner.

bringing your favorite bits of inspiration into your life can take just a bit of time and a few supplies but really it’s easy. and i can tell you from experience … when i work & live each day around these bits of art that have already brought me such joy, it makes that days that much more joyful and my work that much more connected with me!

see you next month!
have fun creating, mav

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