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by kath_red on 05/03/2006

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altered skirt flobberdewotsky – from the Netherlands- a wonderful crazy eclectic collection of handmade unique clothing made out of recycled clothes and materials. I love that with each outfit they tell you what they used to make it. A childs skirt “made out of a pair of orange Cakewalk pants, a cutsie curtain and a retro dress.” Another one is “made out of granny’s embroidered tea-cosy and an orange embroidered tablecloth”, another is “made out of various kitchen calenders. Extremely suitable for children whose parents got engaged in Australia in 1975 and not-at-all-suitable-but-still-way-cool for anyone else.” The skirt pictured above is described as a “ladies skirt made out tirolerdress and retrocurtain.”

Alison Willoughby – textile artist/fashion designer
alison willoughby alison willoughby

For Alison, a skirt is more than just a garment –”it is a work of art in it’s own right. Made without darts, they are flat, unaffected, timeless, classic and simple; they are the canvas on which she works. … She experiments with various techniques: moulding and illuminating, screen printing with paper stencils, foiling, mark making, embroidery, hand stitching, ruffling, tailor tacking, cording and cut work with scissors to create sliced, carved, shaved, chiselled and sculpted pieces.”

Do you want to make your own altered re-contructed or de-constructed clothing?
check out this livejournal community
second time cool - book about making clothing from old knitwear – check out the website too with more info on the book.
article on t-shirt surgery

I would love to do a regular post on altered clothing – does anyone out there have an interest in this? – or if you are an ‘expert’ and would like to write a regular post for whipup on this topic email me (see contact page).

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