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by kath_red on 23/03/2006

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“It appears that knit successfully lends itself to the possibility of making the everyday extraordinary therefore giving it validity when presented alongside other mediums in a fine art context.” From essay ‘the knitting train’ by Brigette Cameron
renee so
Renee So completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 1997. Since graduating she has exhibited in both artist-run and public galleries. “What galaxy does Renee So come from, I wondered? She knits giant sheep. In fact, all her works appear to be knitted in Simple Pleasures. It started as a hobby in 1996 and shows no sign of losing its appeal for this emerging Melbourne artist. Apparently she now starts by making her own knitting needles huge things resembling pointed power poles, I’m told. She is not the first artist to turn the craft of knitting into an art form.” read the rest of this article at smh

See more of her work at her website and:
Gertrude Gallery, Melbourne
Linden St Kilda Centre for Contemporary arts – exhbition ‘A re-Constructed World’ – Renee’s work Solitude, 2005 – inspired by traditional chinese gardens and “the lure of a simple, solitary life in harmony with nature” – see article at the age.
article on her 2002 exhbition “simple pleasures

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1 Susan at artstream March 23, 2006 at 7:52 pm

i find this work amazing. it appeals to my love of the uncoventional materials in painting – taking something as tactile and three dimensional as yarn and actually painting with it.
we are showing some work in wool rug hooking next month by FishBelly rugs (no web images yet) which explores similar themes – portraits among other non traditional rug hooked items. simply wild! thanks for showing this!


2 Mimulus March 28, 2006 at 5:47 am

This stuff is wild…she is definitely taking knitting into some unchartered territory..but the huge knitting needle thing has been done by David Cole….huging Huge excators to grip large poles adn knit a american flag at MAssMOCA. I would not have believed it if I had not seem it with my own eyes. He also kinitted a huge teddybear out of pink fibergalss yarn.


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