yo-yo or suffolk puff?

by craftapalooza on 25/03/2006

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Here it is on request! Thanks for the enthusiasm you guys have shown for these whipup tutorials.

I haven’t been able to find out where the term “Suffolk Puff” comes from, but that is what “The A-Z of Quilting” book calls yo-yo’s. Anyone have any further info please do comment.

So…to begin. Get your fabric circles. The pink fabric on the right is approximately 5inches (130mm) in diametre. You’ll end up with a yoyo that has a finished diametre of approximately 2.5inches wide (60mm).


Grab your needle and thread, use doubled thread and knot the end. Pick up your piece of fabric and with one hand fold over a 1/4 inch (5mm) hem, slip your needle under this hem and between the back of the fabric and bring it up through the hem. This is to prevent the knot from peeking out . Then start a running stitch around the edge, the whole time sliding your hand around and pinching the hem.

the beginning

The longer your stitches the smaller the opening will be and using tiny stitches you will get a larger opening.

Whilst you’re stitching around the edge, gently pull the thread so your yoyo starts to pucker and gather.

in progress

in progress

Once you’re back around to where you started stitching, pull the thread tight (not too tight, you don’t want the thread to snap) and then knot it off. Then give your yoyo a bit of a working over to get the desired finish you’d like. I tend to pull my yoyo’s nice and tight however I’ve seen others that aren’t as tight in the centre, personal preference I guess.


Experiment with different fabrics. There are silk and cotton fabrics below, the silk ones are the solid colours. I love the way the silk reacts, makes a nice flat yoyo.


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