get your hands in it

by Abigail Percy on 13/04/2006

in Art+Design

via caterina fake’s blog, i just saw the slanket- a blanket with roomy sleeves. i know it’s getting warmer for some of us, but for others they are heading into the cooler seasons.


it reminded me of the warm hands cushion and the rug slippers by the wildly imaginative Belfast-based artists/designers from Electric Wig. oh all their work is lovely. also check out the crochet collection 2003 (furniture that incorporates crocheted elements and peg board tops) ; and the embroidered table (like a bedside table with holes you can bring a string through) from 2004.

the work by Electric Wig is thoughtful. from environmental concerns (like the small shelf under a light switch to stop the excuse that you could not shut the lights off because ‘your hands were full’) to design for accessibilty (special socks for a carer whose knees were often sore).

electric wig

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