Quilt Artist of the Week: Angela Moll

by Kim on 13/04/2006

in Quilting

Secret Diary 18: “Up to speed” (C) 2005 by Angela Moll, 46″h x 56″w

Textiles and fiber have a weird way of soaking up memories. When I sit down to knit or quilt, I am flooded with the details of the times I have worked on the piece before — the movie or music that was playing in the background, the weather, my state of mind, the feeling of my dog nestled up against me. This doesn’t happen nearly as powerfully with other daily routines and objects, like cooking or turning on a lamp or what have you. And of course a finished object is infused with the texture of the times and mental space in which in was created, which you revisit every time you wear or use your creation.

Quilt artist Angela Moll (who I learned about thorough Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls) explores this phenomenon overtly in her Secret Diary series. She screenprints text from her real journals onto fabric and cuts them up, rendering her words all but illegible. The pieces are mixed up and reassembled improvisationally, just like memories preserve the texture but not the structure and sequence of real time. I not only love the statement she’s making, I love the Gee’s-Bendy construction and colorplay as well.

Fun fact: like our most recent Quilt Artist of the Week (and Denyse Schmidt, come to think of it) Ms. Moll is a young quilter with a background in computers and design. It’s interesting to see these sensibilities informing what I feel brave enough to deem a whole new era in quilts.

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