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by Abigail Percy on 14/04/2006

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Krazy Kats by Dave Daniels

I recently explored the website Quilt Horizon by artist Dave Daniels. He’s an amazing example of one person having So. Much. Talent. Here is how he describes his approach to quilting:

For many, many years I have worked on lots of crafts. There are endless pleasures from being able to work with my hands. Be it designing and building furniture, planning a garden, or decorating an interior, there is very little more satisfying than to sit down and make a quilt. What a pleasure it is to express myself in ways that are beyond words.

I like being a craftsman, and enjoy learning crafts. There is an ancestry to them. A tradition. A sense of community. Who was the first person to gather their scraps and make a quilt? What was in the mind of the first person to gather some herbs and make tea? These are the topics I wonder about. These are the things in life that are meant to be shared and carried onward.

Provincetown Atumn by Dave Daniels

When asked about his mission?

I would like to be able to inspire others, as I myself have been inspired. To encourage people to try something new. It is only through learning that we can continue to grow. I am putting myself out there in the hopes of helping and being helped by others.

If you have a talent or know a craft, share it with someone. Show a child what you have learned. Let them carry along these skills and your memory. I have lost many people in my lifetime. What I have found that brings them back to me is what I have learned from them. I can be making a particular recipe, and I remember the person that showed me how to do it. Every time, and they are right there showing me again. It sticks to my soul in ways that I never would have thought about when I was younger. The skills I have were inspired along my way through life, and I am grateful for having them. Please, share what you know, and learn what you want.

Why Is The Sky Blue? by Dave Daniels
Grape Godess by Dave Daniels

Find out more about Dave and see examples of his work by checking out Quilt Horizon and/or visiting his blog at Dave’s Cabin Cove where you’ll see his dyeing, knitting and of course Lulu Kitty!

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