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by admin on 15/04/2006

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it seems a few people are having problems uploading their link. This is an internet explorer problem – the popup window isn’t displaying properly in IE. We are working on this, we do try to test everything in IE first but this one just slipped through. I would urge you to switch over to Firefox, not only is it better but also more secure. If it is not fixed by tomorrow you can email me your link and I will put it in. In the meantime though try downoading firefox (either at firefox.com or through the firefox button on this site).

Another query was with the button. It really is not complicated I promise. So simple – just cut and paste the code that appears underneath the button you want and paste it into your post – there is no html coding required.

Any more probs please comment or email –

Update- The IE problem has been fixed, so you can now upload your whiplash links with Internet Explorer, but hey, get firefox, it really is so much better. –whipup tech support

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