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by craftapalooza on 03/05/2006

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As we all know the internets is full of useful FREE stuff. Yep everyone’s ears have pricked up haven’t they! FREE. Whether or not we’ll say it out loud we love free stuff!

No, no, keep your knickers on. No free stuff here, not unless you’re game enough to enter the whiplash competition.

What we’re talking about are tutorial’s. Yes peeps I have my tutorial crown on, bring it, I hear you yell.

You ready?

Probably my favourite, Mediatinker’s tetrapouch

Mediatinker - Tetrapouch

A bit of starry origami via Little Purl of the Orient, and here at DLTK Craft for Kids

Allsorts has us in a spin

Via Joleen – How to make a paper lantern at Social Studies Fun

The following are all from flickr:

Very cute top pattern from Suzdeth
suzdeth's top pattern

Annivict – Paper purse

Santos – Fondant Totoro

Daveandami – How to make a pizza

Ultrasupergenius – Outdoor pottery (incomplete)

Jeffmilner - Multi colour screenprinting using embroidery hoops

Supamb – IPOD wallet

Ninacuneo – Stuffed felt monster

Perspicacious – Paper snowflake (not what you might be expecting!)

Deepfriedkudzu – Shell button necklace

Deepfriedkudzu - shell button necklace

Of course there’s Craftster, but there are too many tutorials to mention. Here’s a link to a search on the site

MAKE – bunch of stuff

Get Crafty – trawl through the forums and you’ll fiind a bunch of stuff

ReadyMade – DIY

Supernaturale – again, forums, lots of good stuff

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, if you guys have any links please leave them in the comments. Happy crafting.

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