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by kath_red on 15/06/2006

in Whiplash

First some admin stuff – I had to delete a couple more links – to a shop and a couple of flickr links too. Flickr links are allowed, however it is no good to link to just the image – you must link to the image with description so viewers can check out your profile and other images and learn more about the crafted item on view.

So a couple of images that caught me eye –

From Ruby crowned kinglet Stephanie a designer from Seattle USA and her lovely old man

And Og – Cia written by Lucia from Norway and her farmer.

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1 handmaid June 15, 2006 at 6:55 pm

Stephanie is so talented and deserves the credit!! Continue with the beautiful work!!


2 stephanie s June 15, 2006 at 10:53 pm

ok, i am going to try – TRY – to resist the temptation to run around the neighborhood and tell everyone i meet that i am famous….

thank you so much for posting my photo of ‘old man’. sometimes it is hard to be objective when a project is completed – either to see the good in it at all, or liking it so much you begin to wonder about yourself… so this is a very nice compliment indeed. and of course, i have to thank you again, everyone there at whip up, for such a wonderful site. i am not sure you knew how great and inspiring this site would be, but i it is! job well done!


3 luciasaeth June 16, 2006 at 9:07 pm

OH!!!! I am on whipup! Thank you so much for introducing the farmer to a bigger world, probably he can manage to sell more corn the second half of the year :D To him and his families (which are me and my husband :D)This is more excited news, more than winning the World Cup!

I can’t wait to show Ove, my husband, this post. Thank you for all the encouragement from whipup the team and everyone who shares the passion of craft. :D Whipup is a very nice website for inspirasion and everyday drop-ins. There are always friends here:)

Hug from Lucia to all :¤


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