Gravel Art

by Kim on 07/07/2006

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This Ask Metafilter post led me to the glorious world of gravel art. I can’t find much information about it on the internet, but it’s a good bet that gravel art was a staple of the midcentury American (and possibly European?) living room. It evokes tiki bars, and split-level ranch houses. And for some reason the pieces usually come in pairs. I wonder if they were sold as completed works or as kits for the home crafter-cum-artiste, a la paint by number? You can see many examples of vintage gravel art on eBay.

eBay gravel art
(image from eBay)

Susanna Anna carries on the tradition today, offering kits and supplies for sale. (You may have caught her segment on the HGTV show That’s Clever). Everything about gravel art screams retro kitsch — I wonder what a modern take on it would look like?

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