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by kath_red on 09/07/2006

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We love the paper bag hand puppet at our house. So simple and fun, grab a plain paper bag, draw on a face, decorate it with paper, string etc and put it on your hand – oh and make lots of random animal noises.

But what else can you do with a paper bag, and how about paper plates while we are at it. … Well masks of course.

The images in this post are all from the montessori page where they also have an excellent tutorial for the brown paper bag mask.

To make a basic paper bag mask you will need
*A plain brown or white (or any colour really) paper bag.
*textas or crayons, scissors, glue and bits of coloured paper, string, feathers and glitter
*first mark where the eye holes will go by placing the bag over the childs head for minute then removing it to cut out the holes.
*you may want to make a mouth too
*then decorate with tiger stripes or clown makeup by using crayons or collaged paper.
*for a slightly more advanced paper bag mask try the tutorial at the montessori site.

To make a basic paper plate mask you will need
* Bright coloured paper plates
* Paint stir sticks, coloured feathers
* Craft glue, Scissors
* coloured construction paper
cut 2 holes in the plate for eyes, cut a beak from the coloured paper (for a bird mask) or a trunk for an elephant mask etc and glue in place. decorate the plate with crayons and feathers etc. and use sticky tape to tape a stick to the back for holding the mask over your face.

Variations and resources:
halloween paper bag mask
hats, masks and wigs from paper bags
monkey mask
heaps of ideas at soccer and scouting website – I think I will be back and back again to this page for weekend activity ideas.
paper bird paper plate mask where the above paper plate instructions are from.
paper plate wolf mask
another monkey mask
paper plate craft
make a doodles mask at bbc cbeebies website
scary witch mask

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1 olivia-p July 10, 2006 at 2:39 pm

I like them very much, so amazing.


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