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by Abigail Percy on 10/07/2006

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Russ Morland

1.Tell us about your artistic background.

I studied Graphic design in England, learnt how to do typeography, magazine layout logo design marketing etc. Kinda different to what I’m doing now but it helped me develop my style. While studying Graphics we had to do art history courses and fine art these two courses opened my eyes to the world of art and i got kinda hooked.

2.Tell us about your influences and style of work.

I was mainly influenced by Marc Chagall, Picasso, Javier Mariscal and Mambo. African art was another huge influence. So I started to develop my own style based around this. More recently i have been influenced by comics and low brow art. Graffiti and murals are also an influence. I’m not sure what you would call my work, maybe pop surrealism?

3.What inspires you to paint and how do you get motivated in the studio?

People, comedy, cartoons, storys, inner demons, money you know the usual. For the most part I feel like I have to be creative, like it’s just part of my daily routine. I love entertaining people and the joy they get from my paintings is a motivation for sure. Motivation in the studio involves music and deadlines. I like the feeling of being a factory. I guess I’m like the class clown that also has a little something more poignant to say.

4.You use the word ‘Lurk’ in your work, can you tell us why?

“Lurk”, came from (yet again) joking with friends about how bad the Junkies and the general transient people were in our very small downtown in Nanaimo. So
many people lurking. Then eventually they became characters for me, people loved to see the lurkers. I have become the lurker, and my paintings lurk everywhere. I want to do murals around the city, but I have a very distinct style and the cops would be onto me right away.

5.You put your art onto shoes, can you tell us about that?

Yeah, I started doing that at an art festival in Montreal (art in the park). Its nothing new lots of people are doing this but its a hit for me so I will keep doing it till it gets old. Etnies Canada hooks me up with shoes and sometimes they give me extra to paint on, works well for promo for both of us.

6. Where can we get a pair?

My website is the best place, I can be contacted through there. If you can find a pair of Etnies then this is what I prefer. I will paint any shoes though. I like them to be new, no smelly shit. The shoes cost $200 canadian.

7.What’s in store for the future?

I have Vinyl toys coming out, also i just helped start a skateboard company called Kitsch. Ermm….plush lurker toys. Limited tshirt designs and bigger paintings, I’m working on a 6’x 4′ piece right now. Looking to get shows in the states and Japan, maybe Australia? Oh and I’m hanging a show July 10th in Vancouver check my website for details.

mediocre at best

Russ is a friend of mine and we’ll be collaborating on a little something in the near future.

I’d also like to let you know that this is my last post for Whip Up, i’m leaving to concentrate on other things and would like to thank Kath for all the work she puts into Whip Up and for having me on board. Thanks to all the other authors and of course all you readers too.

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