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by Abigail Percy on 14/07/2006

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Nora Fok is originally from Hong Kong, and moved to the UK to study ‘Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics’ at Brighton Polytechnic. Nora Foks’ work is unique as she creates wonderful forms that are both solid and transparent….lightweight yet durable. She does this through the use of Nylon Monofiliment {often referred to as Cat-Gut or fishing wire}..this material is so versitile, and Fok utilises its ability to be kitted, dyed and formed to create some wonderful pieces of jewellery.

Waterstar Neckpiece, 1998 – Nora Fok

There is a great article about Nora Fok on the embroiderers guild site.

The work Nora creates is a source of great inspiration, not only to jewellers but also to textile artists, as the majority of techniques she uses are rooted in knitting and sewing crafts. Nylon Monofiliment can be dyed with Dylon dyes…used cold for very subtle colours, or hot for stronger hues {go experiment!!}…and it works wonderfully for french knitting, which kids can have great fun with and make some funky necklaces and bracelets as the nylon really holds its shape!

{If you plan to buy some mono-filiment for this kind of project..I would suggest visiting a fishing shop to buy a huge reel, as it is much more affordable than the smaller quantities usually available in a craft store….you can also sometimes get different thicknesses this way!}

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