Watercolor divine!

by mcaplan on 14/07/2006

in Paper+Mixed Media

Wind by Brad Rickerby
Wind by Brad Rickerby

I think that one of things I am most excited to get to share with the Whip Up readers are the vast array of extremely talented people out there creating affordable, quality art. Every now and then I will pop up with what I hope you will see as great finds.

One of my newest discoveries is a gentleman by the name of Brad Rickerby who is a photographer and Watercolor painter. The colors in these pieces are so vibrant. There is no way to capture their true beauty with a camera! I recently purchased 2 of his works for less than $50.00 total! These are large pieces that draw you in.

I really admire Brads thinking in regards to color. He says that “The colors go where they want. You talk to them, you tell them the plan, you cajole, flatter and plead. You think you have come to a meeting of the minds. You apply them. And – The colors go where they want. . . .” Best not to control them, especially when the results are this stunning!

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