The Easiest or Hardest Craft Project Ever

by Weeks on 10/08/2006

in Community + Creativity


In the mid-90s I was at a fork in the road in my professional life and was trying to decide between two directions. I read somewhere that one should choose three words that describe who you want to be and that those words would provide guidance for situations such as mine.

So I came up with mine–Love, Learn and Serve. They have indeed guided me on a daily basis. If I’m doing some of them each day I’m happy and if I’m not I feel as though something is missing. When I met Bill it became our family motto.

A couple of years ago I asked a student of ours with exquisite handwriting to write them with a giant marker on three pieces of paper so we could frame them. They are in our bedroom and are among the first words I see every morning. I’m telling you this is surprisingly powerful.

So I’m thinking now of other places to put words that are really important to each of us. Inside a handbag? Knit into a scarf? Appliqued on a quilt? I’d love to hear about any projects that people have done with words that are important to them.

Just writing the words and putting them in a frame was easy. It was figuring out which words to put in the frame that was the hard part.

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