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by Kim on 17/09/2006

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There are so many knitting podcasts out there now that I can’t even begin to keep up, but the number of sewing and quilting podcasts is a little more managable. Here are my most recent subscriptions:


Sewchick: Art Quilt Adventurer The two episodes so far have covered “what is art quilting?” and overcoming emotions and attitudes that block creativity.


British textile artist Bonnie McCaffery has an audio/video podcast about art quilting techniques.

Driven to Quilt: All kinds of quilting news, reviews, and techniques by Nadine Ruggles.


Material Mama: Sewing and fabric with a focus on fashion sewing for the family.

Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet: Not a podcast by a grandma, but by a granddaughter inspired vintage sewing patterns and supplies.


CRAFT Magazine is doing something interesting alongside their audio podcast: podcast patterns! Which really are just PDFs delivered to you. The patterns (so far) have consisted of very cute garments from the Australian company Fitz Patterns.

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