Veggie Prints

by artesprit on 18/09/2006

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veggieprints.jpgPrintmaking is a passion of mine which I love to share with others. One of the simplest and yet most beautiful ways to make a print is to use produce. There are lots of sites out there with different ideas on vegetable prints, here are a few of the better ones I found – Kids Craft Weekly has one, Family Crafts does too,and Scholastic as well.
Here are some tips/ideas which I have used with many people, time and again which work well.
*Try to cut open a apple horizontally to show the interior star shape.
*Use mushrooms, onions, leaf lettuce, kale, corn on the cob, bell peppers, citrus fruits and cauliflower.
*Slice them in half or so there is a flat surface to take the ink from – make sure they are dry and not too juicy.
*Leafy vegetables should be inked on the surface which is most ridged. Corn is very easy to roll into the ink.
*At the end of the process, wash off the fruits and vegetables and put into your compost pile.
*Push forks into the slippery produce to use as handles and to stay away from the onions!
Using water based inks give the best results with details but tempera paint with a little liquid soap added works.
*Remember, less is more when printing, so use the ink/paint sparingly for the most detail.
You can use these ideas as springboards for your printmaking projects too: create monsters from the shapes or animals, make a landscape, create underwater creatures, faces, abstract designs and vehicles which have never been seen before!


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