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by kath_red on 21/10/2006

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Camilla wrote in with a how-to make one of her quirky, gorgeous original characters. Thank you Camilla.

I will try to guide you in how to do one of my crochet characters without making a pattern. I hope it will work. Once you’ve understood the basic they are so easy to make. I will have to start with admitting I’m not a very good crocheter, I’m good at undo, redo, undo and redo. And maybe I have a good eye for what’s cute.

The best part is to choose some wonderful yarn. A smooth ordinary knitting yarn for the face, a thicker and maybe furry yarn for the rest of the head and the body, and last a thick but not furry yarn for some trousers.

Often I crochet the whole creature in Slip Stiches, but if your “body yarn” is very thick or very furry you can change it to ordinary Single crochet. I used the hooks I had at home, a 3,5 mm for the thinner yarn (face) and 6 mm for the thicker yarn (body, head). It’s important that it gets “tight”, that you can’t see the filling in the end.

Undo, redo, undo, redo.

I always start with the head. The part of the head you are crocheting first is the nose. Start with 3 Chain Stiches, join in the first chain with a Slip Stich. Crochet 2 Slip Stiches in each chain in about 2 rounds (increase). You don’t have to think about the rounds so much. Then you start to increase, or not, to shape the nose. Undo, redo :)

You’ll soon get the hang of it.

After some crocheting the nose turns into the face. If you’ll like a flat face you’ll have to increase a lot from the start. If you’ll like the face to be more pointy, you’ll have to increase slowly. When the face is finished you’ll make one last round without increasing.

When you increase (or decrease) try to make it evenly spaced.

Change yarn to the thicker yarn, but use the same hook the first round. You’ll have to decrease a lot (make it evenly spread) this first yarn with thicker yarn, to keep the shape. Change to the bigger hook. Probably you’ll have to do some decreasing this round to, but not to
much. Now you’ll just have to crochet along for a while.

Now you start to decrease, slowly the first rounds, more after some rounds. Before you’ve crochet it all you’ll have to attache the eyes and fill the head. Fasten off.

Then I usually contiues with the body. It’s just to crochet in the same way as the head but you use the thicker yarn and the bigger hook from the beginning. Now you’ll just have to find the shape.

Leave it open and save a sewing length.

The proportion between the head and the body is important.

Fill the body and sew the head on.

Now we will make the ears. Experiment with different shapes. The round “bear” ear is crocheted as the beginning of the face, with a lot of
increasing to make it flat. The “bunny” ears is made like this – you increase the first rounds then you crochet along to as long ears as you wish. Fasten off and save a sewing length. Sew the ears on to the head. Try different placement to get the look you want. I tend to place mine almost on the behind of the head.

Arms and legs – Crochet like the round ears. Like medallions. Using the thinner yarn and the smaller hook. When you’ve done a medallion, change to the thicker yarn, still using the smaller hook. Crochet one Slip Stich in every chain, first round. Second round, change to the bigger hook. Decrease every two stiches all way round. After that just crochet along until you have a arm or a leg as long or short as you wish. Fasten off and save a sewing length.

Attach them to the body. The legs so that your creature can sit up straight.
Make your nose, maybe a mouth and why not some eyebrows. TA DA!

Good luck!

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