Pattern review: Wee Wonderfuls Put-together Book No. 1

by maryheather on 22/10/2006

in Sewing+Fabric

Wee Wonderfuls Presents “Kitty, Bunny, and Bear,” self-published by Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls, is a 3-in-1 pattern book with instructions for making irresistibly cute softies.

The directions are clear, friendly, and thorough enough for a beginner, and helpful hints are sprinkled throughout in Hillary’s inviting voice. The collar details and fantastic shoes (the fringed loafers made my heart skip a beat) are some of the mix and match elements in the book that give you plenty of options to personalize your toys. One of my favorite things about Hillary’s designs is that the simple, sweet shapes of the dolls become a terrific canvas for adding embellishments and trying something new and different that will really give each softie its own personality. Check out the Flickr Group Pool to see all the adorable interpretations; I really love the Boy Shoes by Liz Harvatine.

The dolls are quick to piece together, but it takes patience for the finishing. It took me as much time to stuff the toys as it did to sew them; I found the eraser end of a pencil helpful for firmly stuffing all the way to the ends of the legs through the small openings. The finished softies were all huge hits with my youngest cousins; the four-year-old has slept with his bear “Cookie” every night! You can buy the Put-together book in the Wee Wonderfuls Store.

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