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by kath_red on 11/11/2006

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Whiptipscraft advice column for readers to ask questions or offer advice by leaving comments. View the Whiptips archive here. Submit questions to whiptips@gmail.com. Please include photos with your questions!

Lindsey from Linques is asking for website design advice

My question is more technical then crafty, but for a crafty reason. Last year when I wanted to start a website store, I bought all-in-one software that lets me easily upload my items and publish it to my site. It is not, however, very aesthetically pleasing! Now that I’ve grown, I really need a site to showcase my work.

Since then, I’ve been trying to research new software and website designers, without much luck. I would love a designer, but usually they’re too expensive for such a small business. Having looked through the crafty world, I have seen some fabulous sites, so I am pleading for some advice! Does anyone know of either easy to use software or a wonderful designer? How do you get such lovely and easy to navigate sites?? I do have Dreamweaver, but am fuddling through it and do not know much about adding shopping carts! Thanks!

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