hip to be cool – is whiplash too alternative for you?

by kath_red on 15/11/2006

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June at Planet June sent me this email – Thanks June for your honest feedback – What does everyone else think?

I have been thinking it over for 2 weeks and I cannot think of anything I could make that would fit into this [month’s whiplash theme – Alt Craft] category. And then it came to me: I am not alternative. And maybe that’s okay – I make up my own designs and patterns, so my work is not entirely traditional or derivative. I’ve seen some amazing alt-craft projects on craftster etc, but I admire them without wanting to do something similar. I like the things I make, and I don’t want to put time and effort into making something that doesn’t “fit” with me.

Maybe I’m not alone in this… There are suspiciously few entries this month (only 5 at the time of writing) – a lot less than usual. Maybe everyone is too busy, or leaving it to the last minute, but maybe there are others who feel the same as me.

Kudos to the folks at whipup for creating whiplash and the amount of crafty brilliance it generates each month. I’m not criticizing their choice of theme. I just wonder: is ’alternative’ now the only way to be cool? Have I just pigeonholed myself into the ‘unhip’ corner? I am proud of my work the way it is and I don’t want to feel pressurized to change my style (even though the pressure is probably all in my head).

And that’s why I’m not going to enter whiplash this month.

I am curious about what others think. Is whiplash just boring now, is everyone too busy with Christmas coming up, or is the theme just not a happening thing for the whipup readers? I want to know – feedback very welcome, and thank you June for starting the ball rolling.

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