Craft in Crisis?….

by Abigail Percy on 16/11/2006

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Whilst checking out the news today on the Craft Scotland website, I came across this short article exploring the problems facing ‘craft’ and the difficulties surrounding the usage of the word ‘craft’ in reference to comtemporary applied arts……there is also a forum where people are able to respond to this article, which also makes for an interesting read.

Tina Rose, the Craft Scotland editor writes…

“The word craft is misused, misunderstood and misplaced. It is used in ways that diminish its credibility. It is vitally important we reclaim the word craft so it is understood and people will buy it, galleries will want to exhibit it and the media will want to write about it. How can we stop the word craft being misused and misunderstood?”

….this is certainly one debate that will spark a lot of opinions, and I though many of you out there may well have some thoughts on this too??….

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