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by kath_red on 31/01/2007

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February is officially RECYCLED CRAFTS month.

Make something that utilises pre-used/pre-loved/trash/junk/waste items an interesting creative challenge to get your crafting juices flowing.

Wikipedia defines Recycled as: the reuse of materials that would otherwise be considered waste. Recycled materials can be derived from pre-consumer waste (materials used in manufacturing) or post-consumer waste (materials discarded by the consumer).

# Rules about this challenge – your handcrafted item must utilise at least 90% recycled materials, this can include pretty much anything.

Contest open 1 FEB – 18 FEB

Don’t forget to check out the book ideas page to help you get started.
Some great book recommendations on recycled crafting.


1. Creative use of normal/household waste
2. Use of weirdest/strangest waste item for crafting purposes


1. Subscription to CRAFT Magazine for 1 lucky entry

2. And a CRAFT T-shirt and a copy of the latest CRAFT Magazine Vol.2. for 3 lucky entries.

3. A few people will receive copies of books that I have reviewed over the past months including The Apron Book, The Button Maker and Yeah! I made it myself.

4. A couple of people will share in a fabulous bundle of fabric (approx $85) (which includes some black Japanese elephant, dark red elephant, and black and white textured, spots and text design fabric, all from Patchwork On Central Park – a great fabric store in Melbourne, which has some really unique and wonderful fabrics sourced from around the world. They have a good online shopping facility too.

How to Enter:

1. see this post for visual instructions

2. Make your item – you have the time of the competition to make it and upload it – check out the theme – these are usually pretty general and meant as a starting off point only, and decide which category you are entering it under.

3. Post your item on your bloginclude a whiplash badge in your post – good clear photos and a good story will help your post be noticed.

4. To enter you need to be a member of this site – if you are not yet a member then you need to sign in see the meta information in the side bar of the main whipup site page.

5. Once you are logged in you will be able to upload your link.

6. You will need to grab a button and post it on your site in the sidebar and also in the whiplash post – we need to know that it is an official entry to the competition. – see the bottom of this page

7. Your entry needs to be posted on your blog and have good clear images, and an explanation of your item. You might like to explain how you made it, what materials you used, and anything else that will make your entry stand out – we love a good story almost as much as a great photograph.

8. Once you have made your item, post it on your blog, include a whiplash badge and log into whipup. You are ready to upload your link.

9. To upload your link you click “ADD YOUR LINK” at the top of the sidebar on the whiplash page, please enter the name of your item and your permanent URL – this is not the URL to your blog main page but to the static page of your whiplash post.


1. Must be made within the time frame of the competition – it is a whiplash after all (see sidebar for definition)
2. Must not be obviously for sale or be used as a direct promotion tool.

Badges and code

You may either download the button to your desktop – and then upload it and link back to Whipup – or just cut and paste the code into your post (these great badges were designed by Jan at poppytalk)


<a href="http://whipup.net/whiplash/"><br />
<img src="http://static.flickr.com/44/127394093_190c122f3f_o.gif" alt="whipup" /></a>


<a href="http://whipup.net/whiplash/">
<img src="http://static.flickr.com/56/127394092_591ed1b07a_o.gif" alt="whipup" /></a>

Known problems with code for badges:
there is supposed to be an Underscore _ in the numbers of both of these badges code which is not appearing

Badge no.1 numbers should have an underscore between the 093 – and the 190c and between the f3f – and the 0.gif


Badge no.2 numbers should have an underscore between the 092 – and the 591 and between 07a – and the 0.gif


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