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by kath_red on 03/02/2007

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Designing your own style quilt can be a daunting prospect – thinking of fabric and colour choice, the mood you want to create, where it will be used and how much time you have to spend on it are all important considerations. (You might want to pick up a copy of the latest American quilting mag – see previous post – and find out what Weeks and Bill Ringle from Fun Quilts has to say about it).

I really enjoy free piecing my quilts within simple guidelines, and have a lot of fun with colours. I decided recently to make a queen size quilt, and wanted one fast, my design parameters were:

1. using up fabric that I already had – I didn’t want go and buy anything I wanted to do it right now and knew that shopping would use up my urge to create – also I have lots of fabric, the stash is getting out of hand.
2. something unisex – ie. not too girly – my husband needs to live with it too
3. warm earthy colours – I rummaged through my fabrics and found everything that was chocolaty and warm red and tan, with some olive green, pink and orange thrown in too.
4. simple pattern that didn’t involve precision cutting and sewing – I really love Denyse Schmidt style and decided to try my hand at something similar to her string theory quilts. For the back, after advice from Weeks Ringle, I decided to go with using up scraps in a fun way and came up with something bright and bold and modern.
5. help from my 6 year old in putting colours together – she was really keen to help and once I cut all the pieces up I gave her the job of matching them up in pairs and handing them to me to sew. She was so excited and set up a little work space and really took it all very seriously.

Work in progress on the quilt top – to give you an idea of the colours and fabric used.

Work in progress on the back of the quilt

I really enjoy seeing others design processes:

Kim outlines her patchwork pillow design : Jane is always whipping up beautiful colourful quilt creations love the latest explosion of colour : Juju is taking up quilting and is spending time investigating the process and has really thought through her criteria for a quilt : Jude is creating a flowing feeling with her quilt :

What is your quilt criteria? do you have a design process?

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