whiptips – starting a blog – which online software to use?

by kath_red on 18/03/2007

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Andrea has a question about which online blogging software to use … We use Word Press at WhipUp which is great, and I have used Movable type as well – both free online blogging tools are highly customisable, but might require some skills to get your site looking how you would like. I have also used blogger which is super easy to use and is better than ever with the new customisable tools. I have never used typepad, and there are lots of other blogging tools out there as well – any body have any tips on this?

Hi there! I am a big fan of Whipup and have been inspired to get my work together and plan to begin my own blog in the coming year. Typepad Vs. Blogger… pros and cons of each and also of different service levels..basic vs. premier, etc. I’ve checked out both websites but would really love an inside opinion from users. Any help would be soo appreciated. Thank you!

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