Stitch for Senate

by betsy on 21/03/2007

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For a long time knitting has been an activity that was used for good. In many past wars, people at home showed their support for the troops by knitting them needed items. (If you’re interested, you can see more here.) Helmet liners have been one such item that have been knitted for the troops, as they provide warmth in cold, harsh climates.

Keeping this in mind, Cat Mazza (microRevolt) launched a new project, Stitch for Senate, yesterday on the 4th anniversary of the U.S. involvement in Iraq. From her site:

Stitch for Senate is an initiative of knit hobbyists making helmet liners for every United States Senator. The helmet liner pattern was adapted from a support-the-troops initiative for soldiers stationed in Iraq. All the senators will receive their own helmet liner, and Senators can opt to send helmet liners to a soldier once they receive the helmet. Charitable knitting during wartime has been a tradition since the American Revolution. The Stitch for Senate website will compile testimonies from knitters reviving this cultural trend, seeking to understand what knitters express through wartime knitting: charity, allegiance, patriotism, resistance, radicalism, etc. and use the tradition of political organizing within knitting circles as a space for storytelling, discussion, exchange and protest.

Currently she is looking for people to sign up for this project as she will need two knitters from each state of the U.S. to volunteer in order to take it to is completion.

Regardless of your political views, it’s sad that knitting for the troops has such a long and involved history, but speaks volumes that despite the times, people still are finding ways to use their creativity for good.

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