Rags to rugs

by kath_red on 17/04/2007

in Art+Design

Image: Min Austin Moon 2005

This exhibition of hand made Rag Rugs uses contemporary images working with traditional methods of hooking and prodding. The artist, Min Austin, uses a digital camera to record found objects such as road signs, tree bark, or stems of seagrass. Min uses 100% recycled cotton and wool materials for each art work.

When designing for Rag Rugs I try to simplify my ideas down to basic freeform shapes. But I do endeavour to keep the colours correct. It’s a lengthy process to make a rug and I need to be able to finish one quickly before I get hooked on another idea.

Min Austin: Rags to Rugs opens at 5.30pm on Friday 20th April at the Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street Grafton NSW (Australia) and is open Tuesday – Sunday 10am to 4pm.

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