by hanne on 30/04/2007

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As you have probably noticed by now I am a little weak about Sweden, Swedish craft, crafters and designers. Yes, to be honest – about everything Swedish! I’ve been brought up with Astrid Lindgren´s Pippi Longstocking Pippi Långstrump, Emil of Maple Hills Emil i Lönneberga and stuff like that and I’ve read the same stories for my own kids when they were small. I’ve spent several summer holidays in Sweden and it always makes me feel a bit envious. Swedish nature is so much bigger and more “unspoiled” than what we have in little Denmark. We have no big forests and vast areas. In Denmark every spot of soil is cultivated and seems a bit overcrowded so to say… and even more important: Sweden seems to embrace it’s artists, designers, crafters and hemslöjd devotees in a way we don’t do here.


Luckily Sweden is very close, our neighbour, and it’s very easy to go there. So let me be constructive now: it’s not fair to compare, it’s better to enjoy the difference and to look at it as a source of inspiration!


A place I´d like to draw your attention to is Säterglänten another craft centre not far from Leksand where you can go for both 1 year courses and as well as for short week courses. During the summer you even find courses for children. In other terms: it´s possible to bring the whole family!
Of course you’re also welcome to just drop by to visit the students´ exhibitions, the well stocked craft shop and the summer café.

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