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Lisa Congdon, Penelope Dullaghan and Ashley Goldberg have come together in an exhibition entitled {un}Limited at artstreamstudios in New Hampshire through July 11, 2007. The theme of the exhibition was rather open, yet the three women created work which speaks to one another’s in this group show. Lisa used black ink on vintage book and magazine pages filled with text. Ashley used vintage book pages too, as base layers for both drawings and paintings – and made new paper vintage-like by dyeing it with coffee. Penelope used text on a small badge in her painting of an elderly woman proclaiming “I’m in Love”.

spinningwithbirds by penelope dullaghan

There are birds, chairs, and intimate scenes where you are not sure what might happen next. The work is charming and in some cases disturbing at the same time. There are mostly originals, but also a few high quality prints in limited editions. Each artist has a strong sense of personal style and yet the show as a whole creates a mood which the singular works might not project.The use of mixed media in the works is exceptional by all the artists.


Some viewers have called the exhibition “girly” others “gritty” and yet others “whimsical”. This indicates to me that at least we have people thinking, which makes it all worthwhile. All the work is online and the gallery shots can be seen here at flickr.

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