Book review: Felt it!

by kath_red on 15/06/2007

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Felt it! 20 fun & fabulous projects to knit and felt, by Maggie Pace, Published by Storey publishing, for wholesale distribution in Australia contact Capricorn Link.

The best thing about this book is the explanation of how to knit and then felt something. There are really clear and detailed explanations and pictures of yarn, swatches and techniques. The basic felting technique is explained, questions answered, tips and tricks of the trade and troubleshooting. This first section of the book is fantastic. Everything you need to know about felted knitted items. Applying this information to found and thrifted knitted sweaters is a good idea, or you can go on to make some of the projects in the book.

The first few projects, seem like a good place to start, small items, brooches and flowers that don’t take a large knitting commitment before having to take the plunge into the hot water. There are a few beaded accessories, belts and chokers etc before moving onto to bags and hats. I did like a couple of these projects, a cute cloche hat and ear flap hat and a place mat I think are lovely. Most of the projects though I thought were a little over the top, exotic and strange even, with too much decoration and fussiness. But like any pattern the basics are there and the rest is up the individual to make it what they will.

The positives for this book are many – the patterns are clear, instructions detailed with good illustrations and extra explanations given for tricky or new techniques and special considerations. A good book to ad to your felting library.

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