Book recommendations: pets

by kath_red on 20/06/2007

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Lost: Lost and found pet posters from around the world, by Ian Phillips, 2002 Princeton Architectural Press.

This collection of pet posters is totally addictive, heart warming and funny. My kids favourite is the ‘lost sandwich’, never fails to invoke hilarity. Posters filled with kids drawing, photos and sketches – very sweet and moving book.

Vogue knitting: knits for pets on the go. 2006 Sixth&Spring books.

Ways to use your creative energy to give love to your pets. Patterns for making clothes, toys and accessories for pets. There is a fab felted hot dog chew toy, a fair isle dog bed with bones and paw print pattern, the most adorable puppy booties, I especially love the felted mice, the kids dog purse and the fish bone cat mat.

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