Coffee Sleeve Quilt

by mcaplan on 21/06/2007

in Green Crafting, Quilting

I am so excited about to share the awesomeness of this project! Siobhan, of the “deliciously crafty” (love that!) blog Magpie & Cake, recently completed a quilt made from nothing but cardboard coffee sleeves! As you can see, the end result is gorgeous, and totally functional ;).

Based on the premise that quilts are traditionally made from scraps of materials, Siobhan has created a quilt out of the discarded coffee sleeves that are scraps from our morning coffees. With the line “Intended for single use only” imprinted on the sleeves, we are encouraged to use these things for the duration of our beverage and then throw ‘em away! Really, the re-purposing of these materials is genius.

The finished quilt measures 4’3″ x 5’6″ and used over 200 coffee sleeves which were mostly donated by Siobhan’s co-workers in just a few weeks with 80% of the sleeves coming from Starbucks. . . . You can read more about the process here.

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