Ceramic artist: Shannon Garson

by kath_red on 22/06/2007

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Shannon Garson is a potter living in Queensland, Australia. She makes porcelain pots with drawn garden life upon them. The purpose of these pots is to create a small dorway into a different world as people go about their everyday lives, having cups of tea, washing dishes, eating cakes.

Image: Nests – Series one – The delicate ‘Nests – Series one’ vessels are pared back, porcelain bowls with a matt surface that are etched with drawings of twigs and sticks to form a series of tactile ‘birds nests’.

When I went to the judging for the shortlist one of the judges asked me” if I had considered getting my works manufactured in China.” At the time I was so shocked I just said that was not where I saw my practice going but what I really meant was I think it is unethical to get your work manufactured in another country simply because the people there will work for very low wages. It is also environmentally and socially unsustainable to ship work across the world and back again. … Manufacturing my work in the community I live in strengthens the both the community and the artist. I buy my clay from a local business and, should I ever become prosperous enough I will be able to employ local people. I think it is really important for artists to manufacture within their communities, it leads to a greater understanding of what artists do and makes a rich, textured community where productivity leads directly to local products and local profits.

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1 jacqueline June 24, 2007 at 9:23 am

I am so impressed with your integrity. I recently was hired to do the marketing for a wholesale crafts company and I just couldn’t do it. I felt it was the opposite of true craft. A difficult financial decision for me… and for you as well. Peace be to you. Jacqueline


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