Book recommendations: beads, paints and scrapbooking

by kath_red on 27/06/2007

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The adventurous scrapbooker: creating wonderful scrapbooks from almost anything, by Katherine Duncan Aimone. 2006 Lark Books.

I like this scrapbooking book because it is about using what you have or can find, not about purchasing expensive papers and accessories (although there are some cute products out there I will admit), however this book is really about using your creative side to make your own designs and using unusual materials, to step outside the traditional scrapbooking box and be an adventurous scrapbooker. There are lots of great projects in the book that utilise interesting materials, such as using a children’s board book as a base with vintage ephemera, maps and fabric swatches. Using an old book as a base and embellishments like index tabs and photocopied photos. Using mail order catalogues with lace and torn papers and maps. Another great idea is to bind vintage postcards together to make an album to use as a starting point. There are heaps of other great projects that will really get your creative energies going.

Acrylic revolution: new tricks & techniques for working with the world’s most versatile medium, by Nancy Reyner. 2007 North Light Books.

A wonderful resource for the budding artist, student or anyone wishing to experiment with acrylic paint. Chapters on what to paint onto, and with, various base treatments and effects and textures to incorporate as well as mixed media and stenciling. Chapter one for example – ‘you can paint on anything’ shows the more traditional materials such as wood, canvas and paper together with fabric, metal and glass with advice on how to treat the materials before using them. Each chapter is similarly explained all with excellent and really I mean excellent pictures and examples of the techniques in use and finished examples too. A great resource for classes, artists and families.

The art of beaded beads: Exploring design, color and technique, edited by Jean Campbell. 2006 Lark Books.

Creative designs and techniques from top beadwork artists. A tribute to the art of beading, this book is both a technical guide and a project based book with designs by various artists who show the reader how to achieve and make their designs. Some gorgeous examples include the crisscross bead by Sharon Bateman, which is shaped like a cross. The lava lamp bead, designed by Wendy Ellsworth has a really unusual tube shape that slightly flares out. This book is totally for the beading enthusiast with a pretty good skill level.

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