Proud to be a Bag Lady

by Weeks on 09/07/2007

in Community + Creativity


I admit that I can’t stand plastic shopping bags. I don’t like the sound of them, the feel of them, the effects they have on the environment, the way they get caught in trees or become bothersome to wildlife. I’m a cloth shopping bag girl from way back. They’re stashed in the car, on my bike, and even in my luggage when I travel. Even our 6-year-old daughter has her own cloth bags (shown above made with fabric designed by Jane Sassaman) for books, games and snacks.

So I was really excited to read about morsbags‘ efforts to organize groups of people, known as “pods,” to make cloth shopping bags from any kind of fabric available and hand them out at grocery stores around the world. Morsbags has a nice animated tutorial for making simple bags. In future posts I’ll include tutorials for various types of bags that I’ve found useful including shoe bags for travel, a child’s tote bag and a large heavy-duty tote bag for hauling books to and from the library. A friend and I have allocated one canvas bag for trading magazines back and forth between our houses before they get recycled. Show me your bags. I’d love to see ‘em.

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