Marker, chalk or crayon?

by betsy on 24/07/2007

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While I do tend to read a fair amount of blogs and magazines, sometimes I need to go elsewhere for a little creative inspiration. It’s less about getting tired of everyone’s amazing creations and constantly inspiring and innovative designs, and more about re-thinking my own creative boundaries.

My Friend Liisa as a Princess,
Colored pencil,
Heli R.,
Age 6,
Sotkamo, Finland

And lately, the Global Children’s Art Gallery has been doing the trick. The gallery is a large collection of user-submitted content of children’s artwork from around the world.

It reminds me to stop thinking about what I can’t do with my work, and to start remembering that there is nothing wrong with coloring over the lines or off the page or even just drawing squiggles with no particular idea of what the end result is or should be.

Seeing art through the eye of children takes me back to my childhood where I created without worry or expectation, just full of energy because I wanted to express myself with paint or chalk or marker or crayon. Just because.

So if you’re looking for some new ideas, try going back in time and see where it takes you.

Smiley Face,
Colored pencil,
Fatima W.,
Age 7,

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