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by rooruu on 27/07/2007

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Greengrocer mosaic

Greengrocer mosaic by Ruth Buchanan

If you’re stuck for colour inspiration, try wandering the aisles of a greengrocer’s shop and really look to see the colour combinations. It’s so simple to resort to assumptions, and inspiring to see how colours really go together (let alone textures). The variety of subtle browns and creams in taro root. The colour run from creamy yellow to pinky red on white cherries. The suffragette brilliance of beetroot. The sheer variety in polyanthus (that one’s pretty seasonal, but worth looking forward to). Take some photos, to help you see, and try them in the palette generator.

I put photos together for the mosaic above with fd’s flickr toys mosaic generator from one midwinter visit to a favourite (well lit!) greengrocer’s.

If you have other suggestions for colour palettes and inspirations, by all means share them in the comments. How do you arrive at the colour combinations you use in your craftwork?

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1 jonipossin July 28, 2007 at 4:45 am

I get my color combinations with my eyes and my heart. I spent many years growing up and as an undergrad in art classes. I learned all the color rules… but, rules are to be broken. I see colors that will go well together and I get excited.


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