Whip Up is now taking article and tutorial submissions.

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Whip Up is now taking article and tutorial submissions.

We are looking for tutorials and submissions that fit within Whip Up’s feel – read our Manifesto for more information. We are looking for thematic articles and tutorials to fit within the months themes – see monthly themes below – but also timely articles outside of these themes will be considered , such as exhibition and pattern reviews, craft memes, fun, frivolous and extreme ideas, etc that cannot wait and do not fit within the theme.

Submissions now being accepted for August, September and October

August: Simple crafts – children’s crafts – good ideas and fun and quick projects.
September: Recycle – re-use – upcycle, refashioned.
October: Selling – entrepreneurs

Submissions must be new — not previously shown in another mag or site or on your own website or blog. Once posted on Whip Up – of course you are welcome to link to the article with an image. And after a month you are free to do as you wish with the tutorial or article, which includes submitting it elsewhere or self publishing.

*We don’t accept knitting or crochet patterns, however tutorials on technique or use of alternative materials or ‘recipes’ for making something are welcome, and articles and reviews on published patterns are also welcome.

Whip Up is currently a non profit site and we do not pay for article submissions. However this is an excellent opportunity to show your writing skills and work to a large audience + there will be a link back to your own website accompanied by your bio at the end of the article.

You [the creator of the work] will retain all copyrights to your own work. By submitting work to be published on Whip Up you are giving your permission for your tutorial or article and all related images to be included on Whip Up in its current format and all future formats and to be archived for future reference.

To submit your article or tutorial you need to send it via email to whipup[@]gmail.com. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible about the suitability of the article and when it will go online. We choose articles and tutorials based on various factors – such as suitability to Whip Up, whether or not we like it, does it make us think or laugh or help us learn something new. It is interesting and does is shine a different perspective on something old. Are the images fantastic, is well written and researched, is it funny, intelligent or thoughtful.

We accept articles that are theoretical discussion pieces, essays on thoughts on craft, reviews on exhibitions, craft shows, patterns, websites, podcasts and new craft technologies, discussions, essays or reviews on artists, designers or crafters work. We accept original tutorials and ‘recipes’ for craft traditional craft techniques and new designs.


Your work will be edited as appropriate. Attach images to your e-mail along with a word doc of your tutorial or article – you may note in your article or tutorial where images are to be inserted – with a full list of images and image captions if required – this includes the artists name, the title of the work as well as dates etc. Also please include all relevant information about exhibitions and publications of work you are writing about, as well as links to relevant websites etc.

Images – photos or sketches must be submitted as an attachment to the email as a jpg file 72dpi and between 300 and 400 pixels wide. Please make sure images are of good quality – good light – clear and focussed with good details on what you are talking about – artistic images are fine.

Please include your contact and personal information in the submission – including:

– Your name as you wish it to be published
– an e-mail address where readers can send questions or feedback
– the URL to your website or blog, if you wish us to link to you
– a short bio [50 words], written in 3rd person
– the name of any models featured in photographs you submit and the photographer’s name (if not you)
– websites and names of featured objects and artists.

By submitting a tutorial or article to be published in Whip Up, you verify that you are the original creator of the tutorial or writer of the article , and that you have not infringed and/or violated the existing intellectual property rights of any third person. You understand that you will not be paid for your submission.

Please send all submissions to this address.

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