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by kath_red on 04/08/2007

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Knitted Walking Stick Cosy Competition 2007: WIN £40 IN YARN VOUCHERS! Inspired by the dignifying powers of health-related knitting projects
everywhere, The Missability Radio Show is organising a walking stick cosy knitting competition. With your great ideas, knitting skills and visionary
powers, you can transform even an ordinary grey walking stick into a fantastical design!

The competition is open NOW and all entries must be received by 7th September 2007.

What could be better than gazing longingly into a glass of white wine? How about gazing into that same glass and seeing someone gazing right back at you? :) That might sound a tad creepy now, but take a closer look at our awesome photo wine glass photo frames and pretty soon you’ll be scowling, growling, and grinning… whatever it takes to make the perfect cup-bottom portrait.
How to at Photojojo

Idle hands has a cute tutorial on making journals – linkable journals

check out Tante Sophie knitting studio

Joan at Lazy girl says I love buttons! They are such an easy way to add fun to many projects. I use buttons a lot and I wanted to give my readers my tips for perfect placement.

I am an unschooling mom of 3 (5,3,1 yo) and often feel like my daily adventures should earn me merit badges. Well, none existed (I searched!) so I created them! They are meant to be fun and irreverent but I think they have a certain
subversive aspect to them too. I am thinking about hosting a performance/event where women share tales (like on the website) and are awarded merit badges in a ceremony.

Saturday Aug 4 is officially ‘Apron Day’! read more at Pat Sloan

Jennifer wrote: Hi, love this site! I posted a tutorial on using double knit for a button band that your readers might find useful.

Spring Maxfield wrote:
I absolutely love the work of ceramic artist Todd Barricklow. He’s very traditional in his attitude about art, but completely unconventional (in
regards to modern uses, but drawing heavily on ancient sgraffito) in his use of ceramics as a medium.

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