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by kath_red on 13/08/2007

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Kerrie over at Hipknits had a big task in narrowing down over 100 entries to just 5. (see all the entries here). Here are the winners of the wonderful yarn and thank you to everyone for entering – good luck with your projects.

Emily wins the Chunky / Aran weight yarn pack:

I am the librarian for teens at a branch in south-central Los Angeles. We have a twice-monthly crochet and knitting club. One of our younger teens tried for many weeks to learn to crochet, without much success. Then last month she tried knitting, and in one lesson she blossomed into a confident, capable knitter. The Aran / chunky cashmere for a hat or scarf is something that would just amaze and delight her, because the only yarn she’s ever used is crunchy acrylic. She is already in love with knitting, but beautiful, soft yarn would be a wonderful reward for her perseverance.

Tien wins the Aran Silk pack:

My husband has had a very serious relapse of MS. So we had to cancel our vacation with our youngest son. All I can do, next to taking care of my man and the household, is knitting, spinning and a little sewing. I had to throw out a lot of stuff to make room for a nursing bed and other equipment for my husband’s care. So I’m looking forward to some lovely yarn to make a sweater for myself. It will be a long term project to enjoy the yarn the most, sitting next to my man, between the times of care taking.

Clair wins the Lace Silk pack:

Wow – what an inspiration. I am about to have my second child & I am also looking to get started with my own small business & was wondering how I would fit it all in. I think flexibility is the key & being prepared to work hard – which is not difficult when it’s something you love. I do love knitting, but I am not so good at it, so I would probably make some lovely Cashmere baby booties & mittens for a friend of mine who is having a little girl in December. She really appreciates hand-made gifts, so I know that she would love that, but saying that, I would also love to knit myself a silk shawl!

Helen wins the Cashmere sock pack:

Kerrie, my only son who is near and dear to me will be leaving for college very soon. I twill be a difficult time for me… seeing him ‘leave the nest’. I have grand plans sending him ‘care packages’ while he is gone to let him know I’m thinking about him. The packages will include knit socks (which he loves) and it would be great to use your cashmere fingering weight and pattern for socks for him! Many thanks for a great web site!

MommyknitsJen wins the Cashmere lace pack:

I am 8.5 months pregnant with my fourth child and my midwife just told me that her husband who has never smoked has fatal lung cancer. I want to make her something to show her how much I have appreciated her all these years and that she is not alone in this world. I have been pouring over lace patterns for a week or so and I think that I would like to make her some kind of a shawl or stole. That way she could wrap herself in comfort when she needs it.

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1 Mary August 13, 2007 at 1:23 pm

There seems to be a lot of lung cancer happening to people who has not smoked a day in their life.

You are being so brave in such difficult time with your husband and the baby, and your son leaving the nest.

I don’t really have brilliant words of encouragement or wisdom… I guess I just wanted to say that I read your entry, and felt the need to leave a comment to let you know you’re not alone.


2 filambulle August 14, 2007 at 4:05 pm

I wish a very happy knitting to all those worthy winners.
May my wishes and good thoughts be entwined in their softness too.
:) from Switzerland


3 filambulle August 14, 2007 at 4:06 pm

The softness of the projects of course! Pardon my english… ;-)


4 tien August 18, 2007 at 3:12 am

I am one of the winners, and just recieved my yarn from Kerrie of Hipknits.
It’s beautiful, the colour and the shine of the yarn….
Thank you, Kerrie.


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