Toy bag from dishtowel

by Admin on 24/08/2007

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I bought a package of 4 Flour Sack dishtowels for $9.99. The flour sacks are 31” x 38”, so they’re a good size. My plan is to cut them in half, hem the raw edges and make dishtowels that aren’t quite so large. That’s 8 dishtowels at $1.25 each. Talk about thrifty!

At about the same time, I noticed my grandson wanted to put his toys in a grocery sack and carry them around. We didn’t think that was a good idea, so I came up with this Toy Bag.

(1) Fold the towel in half lengthwise and cut down the center. You will only use one piece, so put the other piece away and use it for a dishtowel.

(2) Press. Fold in half again, and straighten the edges.

(3) Press under ¼” on one long side. Fold over another ¼” and sew along edge. Cut (2) 2” x w.o.f. strips of a colorful fabric. I chose blue. Press under ¼” on both long sides of (1) blue strip.

(4) Mark center of towel with a pin. Cut the length of the strip ½” past the center mark.

(5) Finish raw edges of blue strips – fold over ¼” twice and stitch. Place strip wrong side down, 2” from the top. Finished ends are in the center of towel.

(6) Pin, and then sew along edges, leaving the centers open. Second strip – fold edges toward the middle, press. Fold in half lengthwise again, press. Sew. Cut this strip in half. Finish (2) of the raw edges by folding under ¼” twice and sewing. Use a safety pin to thread the blue strip into the blue casing. You’ll want the finished ends to be hanging in the middle. Pin unfinished ends even with the edge.

(7) Fold the bag/towel right sides together, pin edges and sew. Sew a 1” seam at the bottom. Fold and press a ¼” and then again, sew to make a finished edge. Turn right side out, press sides if needed and fill with toys!

The beauty of doing the drawstring this way, is that it will never pull out. It won’t hang around the house, waiting for the day we finally get around to putting it back in.

This bag is the perfect size for toys, jammies and a change of clothes to go to Grandma’s house, books or stuffed animals. Very easy and quick to make. And if you don’t need dishtowels, you could make 8 of these bags and give them away as gifts – filled with toys of course! Use one of them to make 2 smaller bags, or 4 tiny bags. Let your imagination run wild!

About the maker:
Karen Gass is the editor of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine. She learned to sew when she was 9 years old and has been playing with fabric, thread, yarn and things textile since then.

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1 Amy August 25, 2007 at 4:32 am

I love your bag! My kids are always wanting to put things into bags, carry them around, and then take them back out again ;-)

Karen, and all the people who read this, please do NOT send any more toys my way! Craft supplies YES! Cookies YES! even books! but for the love of God, please, NO MORE toys……


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