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by kath_red on 27/08/2007

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Its really been quality over quantity this month at whiplash. I think the Zakka theme has stumped many people – but I am glad to see people questioning meaning – Zakka is a style that we in the west have taken to due its surface qualities but the deeper meaning of it all is hidden for those without an understanding of Asian culture and history. In Asian – especially Japan Zakka is a cultural phenomena/fad that is all about a certain style, but it is part of a broader feeling that comes from within their history and religion and philosophy and is ingrained in a way that those of us in the West will never be able to fully ‘grok’ and struggle to really understand.

I have loved all the entries – thank you for taking the time to upload your link and post about your fabu projects.

girl on the rocks -

I struggled with this a bit as I never had a good idea of what zakka really meant. I don’t know that I have figured it out, but I was able to see some common elements in all of the examples. To me they seemed to be simple handmade projects often for a practical use, that are occasionally tastefully embellished. I don’t have a lot of free time this month so I thought that I might be able to add a little embellishment to something. Many of the examples used very natural colors and fabrics…

Hanne from Heaven and Earth

I’ve often seen bloggers using the expression “zakka” and wondered about the meaning. What´s zakka? … I´ve just made this bucket bag out of an ancient piece of heavy homespun found at a lumber room at Samsø a couple of years ago. The lining is a faded red tablecloth. That´s recycling for sure – but I wonder if it qualifies as zakka too?

Zakka life Octopus mitt with pattern.

mettatations tutorial for a lovely heat bag.

crafty beats pockets made from a dishcloth – with pattern and instructions.

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