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Halloween Party Hat Sewing Tutorial by June Scroggin

The following instructions are for a sewn fabric hat 11” in height. You can make your hat smaller or larger by merely adjusting the cutting measurements. This same process can be used to make any themed tabletop party hat decoration by simply choosing appropriate fabrics.


1. Exterior fabric at least 13” by 13” in size (cut one piece per instructions below)
2. Lining fabric at least at least 13” by 13” in size (cut one piece per instructions below)
3. Exterior fabric to make hat brim (cut 1 piece 8”x37” in length)
4. Pellon fusible interfacing at least 13” by 13” in size (cut one piece per instructions below)
5. Straight ruler
6. Water-soluble marking pen

Pattern Preparation/Cutting Instructions

You can draw your pattern on paper or mark it directly to the wrong side of your fabric. If you are making multiple party hats, it’s best to make a paper pattern.

1. With the ruler, draw a line 12” in length (Side A). At a right angle from one point on Side A, draw another line 12” in length to make Side B.
2. To make the arc connecting Side A to Side B, begin with your central point position and, using your ruler, measure from the Central Point 12” to various sector points on your paper pattern or the wrong side of your fabric.
3. Then simply draw from the endpoint on Side A to each of the other endpoints until you reach the Side B endpoint—much like connect-the-dots. I know it sounds difficult but it truly isn’t, and your arc ends up exactly as you want.

Cut the fabric pieces as directed in the Materials and Pattern Preparation/Cutting Instructions. You should now have the following:

1. 1 exterior fabric piece
2. 1 lining fabric piece
3. 1 interfacing piece
4. 1 exterior fabric brim piece

Sewing Instructions:

* Fuse the exterior fabric piece to the Pellon interfacing according to the product instructions. Do not fuse the lining fabric piece as that will be treated differently.
* Fold the exterior fabric piece with right sides together from the point to the brim arc and pin in place (the interfacing will be on the outside). Sew a ¼”-seam along the side of the hat. Trim the interfacing 1/8” to minimize bulk but do not trim the fabric seam itself. Put this piece aside for now.

* Fold the lining fabric piece together with right sides together from the point to the brim arc and pin in place. Sew a ¼” seam along the side of the hat. Put this piece aside for now.
* To make the ruffle for the brim, match the two short ends of the brim piece—right sides together—and stitch a ½” seam. Next, fold the brim piece in half, wrong sides together and press to make a 4” wide circle for the ruffle.

* Sew two parallel lines of gathering stitch around the entire circumference of the brim ruffle close to the raw edge, leaving long lengths of thread on either end. Gently pull the strings to gather the ruffle piece to 1/3 its original length.
* Place the ruffle inside the exterior fabric cone piece you made in Step 2, lining up the raw edge seams of each piece. Pin the ruffle to the cone, adjusting the gathering as you go until it’s evenly spaced around the entire edge of the cone.

* Stitch a ¼” seam around the circumference of the cone. Then turn your cone piece right side out. Insert this cone into the prepared lining piece, carefully tucking in the ruffle so it’s out of the way as much as possible. Match the seams of each piece and, lining up the raw edges, pin in place.

* Stitch a ¼” seam all the way around, leaving a 3” opening centered on the seam for turning in the next step. And then gently pull the cone piece through the opening. It now looks like this.

* Push the lining into the cone. I used a chopstick to gently poke the corner into place. Then tuck under each edge of the opening and pin in place. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

You are now done with the basic assembly of your tabletop party hat and can decorate as you desire. To decorate my hat, I sewed a black twill band around the circumference of the base just above the ruffle and made covered buttons, sewing them on the band (spacing them evenly around the band). I cut three artificial sunflowers and wrapped their stems with leftover black twill. A bit of hot glue inside the black twill helps keep the sunflowers in place as well as the small black raven I added. A ribbon in a larger black-and-white gingham print was added to the brim decoration. I sewed a painted wood sunflower button to the point on the top of the hat.

About the maker
June lives in Tucson, AZ. An active participant for over a year as a reader and commenter on many craft blogs and Flickr, she just published her own blog, Junie Moon. Her goal is to share and discover ideas to creatively celebrate life and the world in which we live. Blog: Junie Moon. Photos by Dub and June Scroggin

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1 JunieMoon October 10, 2007 at 10:58 pm

Thank you so much for posting my tutorial. I had a lot of fun making this project.


2 Crystal October 11, 2007 at 12:14 am

Thanks, for sharing this great pattern Junie :)


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