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by hanne on 17/10/2007

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A major issue for most designers and crafters is how to sell your stuff. Very few of us create stuff that is suddenly “discovered” and demanded for its great design and excellence of workmanship. Most of us have to be active and do something to expose and sell our craft.

An obvious possibility can be a stall at an art and craft fair. One of the largest fairs for arts and crafts in Denmark, called KIC, and takes place in a couple of weeks, October 26th – 28th in the centre of Aarhus.

The concept of this fair is developed by a group of craftsmen in cooperation with the local tourist organisation. It’s a commercial as well as an aesthetic and cultural event with participants from Denmark, England, Germany, Holland and Iceland working within the disciplines: jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics and mixed media.

If you happen to live in Aarhus – or plan to make a visit – you can look here for further information of time and place etc.

If you live anywhere else: take a look around – are there any art/craft/design fairs in your area? If not – maybe you should pick up the glove, gather a group of colleagues and get one started! Agree upon a time and a place; maybe contact the local tourist and/or business organisations they might be interested in your project. Organizing a fair is great work – and great fun. Go give it a try.

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